dave's away IV - hippie concentration camp

Freak out, you flower people! Here's the fulfillment of the 3-day plan: Another vid, some facts and enough (bull)shit for everyone! Enjoy, take a deep breath, and dive in.


  1. We still have to finish watching your new vid. I only saw the beginning, and it seems quite extraordinary! Bearhug from home!

  2. Hope you enjoy the jokes! :D

  3. I like itttt. specialy the "nazi camp" guy at the beginning. he has pupils like bull testicles. they forgot to control their A..holes or did they ?

    a guy from vienna who wants to stay anonym because of the shit he wrote...
    rudi .... ups fuck know i mentioned my name. damn

  4. yo rude man! No use, I would recognise your pupil-judging skills anyway. :D

    Thanks fer the like, hope you'll do good in Chavez Country,

    cheers, the d.