rooting back

Coming back to Vienna, to th house of my parents, is a shocking experience in itself. On the one hand, I wanted to kiss the ground of Viennas airport, just for seeing my home country again - I longed for the harsh rains, the incessant wind, the wholly unfriendly climate of mi patria. Sitting in the shade because the sun´s too hot for any kind of movement - that was once my vision of paradise. Travelling through Nepal, and especially the Phillipines, has taught me the value of a good cold environment - and the public spaces we managed to install in these. The contrasts are refreshing.
I enjoy the comforts available here - most of all I enjoy meeting old friends and colleagues again. That´s what the solitary traveller truly misses - a good friend of mine called the state of constant online communication while being far away "alone but connected" - a phenomenon not restricted to travellers.
Getting back to Europe is getting back to a society I used to criticize a lot - a society I can now see through completely new eyes. Defining my role in this one, after having spent such a long time on my own (in environments beyond my control) is not easy, but manageable - the whole flurry of opportunities paralyzed me at the start, but as the circumstances become clearer, the feverishly hazy view of my dengue-addled physique subsides - and life is back to it´s splendour.
I need to find a spot where I can continue my training and hone the skills Alexis so patiently taught me - A few options already have materialized, but a definite yes is still a bit away.

I´ll continue to post prose here, the travel-relation might subside - so turn in or tune out, at your leisure.


the conclusion.

Here it is, because it needs to be written.

The late after effects of a dengue infection got hold of me in Manila, and I saw the need to return home the quickest way possible. So I did exactly that, with a lot of help from the Austrian Embassy and my parents.

Short story, all true, and more will follow, more on the lines between prose and poetry, between fiction and fact. Stay tuned, dave´s away in Austria at the moment, and will stay there for some time.

the d.