day four.. or five.. was it six? Ahmmmm...

Hello there, again.
Nepal isn´t Cuba, that´s for sure. Getting anything done here is even more of a hassle. About 10 hours in the last two days were spent with trying to correct an error the Indian Embassy in Austria made. Un-frickin-believable, the ammount of time they take to do anything.I know my passport number by heart now. And all other details.
Other than that: Hippies still exist in Nepal. And they´re somewhat fun and somewhat freaky.. (yeah, what else) But, nonetheless, their mongolian overtone singing sessions are really fun. Good vibes.
By the way, what cheered me up after exiting the Indian embassy today: "Rape me" by Richard Cheese.
One completely loses touch of time here. What day is it? No idea. People go to bed at nine, mostly. And the power goes on and off, and on again, whenever the gods dictate. Otherwise, Kathmandu´s good to me. I got a place for 250 rupees, about 2 euros, per night..
Well, I´m heading up into the mountains tomorrow, although I did try to avoid it for some time, this is apparently what I have to do... A non-touristy route from Khatmandu to Pokhara.. So, probably no new posts for twenty days.
I´ll try to finish my first vblog entry later today, and perhaps even upload it, too.


Kathmandu, day 2- Cubas internet is faster.

You won´t believe how slow this net is. Basically, on the first 2 attempts, blogger refused my connection due to inactivity. Yay!

Otherwise: Flight was fine, I´m alive, everybody, and I´m looking for a cheap hostel for tomorrow (paying way too much at the moment)

As the power is off about 100% of the time, recharching my camera etc.. is going to be nearly impossible.. as are further posts.. I´ll try, from time to time, but I guess the bulk of my Nepal material will be posted from some posh lobby in India, as soon as I get there.. 

So, Namasteee everyone, 
dave out.


dave's away. for a year. right now.

This is it. The last post from austria.
Friends, family, peeps, colleagues..

Cya, read ya, hear ya. (gotta get me one of those skype thingies that I'll actually use.. )

Up, up aaaaand away! At 6:50 I'll be departing from Bratislava!


el d.


7 Days to go. Hello World.

Well, dear reader, you have just stumbled upon the first post.

7 days to go, 7 days to stay. 7 days left in Austria.

Then, a day in London, and a long trip. 365 days, to be exact. (Which, at this point, I can't be, of course.)

Nepal, India, Singapore, Thailand, Phillipines, Bali, New Zealand, Rarotonga, L.A. and then into Mesoamerica/Cuba. Back again in march/february 2010.

Videos, pictures, text: What more could a blog want?
Yes: a concept.

My concept, my basic idea of what I'm going to do in this year:
  • Learn any language I come across.
  • Practice the martial arts I know and learn new stuff from everywhere.
  • Produce 3-minute entertaining international subcultural travel videos.
  • Keep in touch with people I love, like, or find somewhat entertaining.
Yeah, basically an exercise in international multimedia networking. Has been done a lot (wherethehellismike) but not in the way I want to do it.

We live in a century, a decade, of change. The economic system is not working like we used to profit from, and most conventional TV stations are really having problems finding an audience.

New niches emerge. New possibilities for small-scale, high quality content providers. A brave new world, perhaps not all that dystopian.

Well then, so far, so few things done, so many to do.

I'll be back.