Kathmandu, day 2- Cubas internet is faster.

You won´t believe how slow this net is. Basically, on the first 2 attempts, blogger refused my connection due to inactivity. Yay!

Otherwise: Flight was fine, I´m alive, everybody, and I´m looking for a cheap hostel for tomorrow (paying way too much at the moment)

As the power is off about 100% of the time, recharching my camera etc.. is going to be nearly impossible.. as are further posts.. I´ll try, from time to time, but I guess the bulk of my Nepal material will be posted from some posh lobby in India, as soon as I get there.. 

So, Namasteee everyone, 
dave out.


  1. Hello Dave, we are all looking forward to your entries and we hope to hear from you very often in the coming 12 months! Lots of love from your family :))

  2. Yay! First comment-Ever! :)

    Welcome, my dearest, and let yourselves be hugged!