day four.. or five.. was it six? Ahmmmm...

Hello there, again.
Nepal isn´t Cuba, that´s for sure. Getting anything done here is even more of a hassle. About 10 hours in the last two days were spent with trying to correct an error the Indian Embassy in Austria made. Un-frickin-believable, the ammount of time they take to do anything.I know my passport number by heart now. And all other details.
Other than that: Hippies still exist in Nepal. And they´re somewhat fun and somewhat freaky.. (yeah, what else) But, nonetheless, their mongolian overtone singing sessions are really fun. Good vibes.
By the way, what cheered me up after exiting the Indian embassy today: "Rape me" by Richard Cheese.
One completely loses touch of time here. What day is it? No idea. People go to bed at nine, mostly. And the power goes on and off, and on again, whenever the gods dictate. Otherwise, Kathmandu´s good to me. I got a place for 250 rupees, about 2 euros, per night..
Well, I´m heading up into the mountains tomorrow, although I did try to avoid it for some time, this is apparently what I have to do... A non-touristy route from Khatmandu to Pokhara.. So, probably no new posts for twenty days.
I´ll try to finish my first vblog entry later today, and perhaps even upload it, too.


  1. Hey man,
    did you record some overtone singing ?
    would be great to listen to it or maybe place it into some tunes and use it as samples :-)
    don´t freeze to death in the mountains.
    hope to hear from you soon hermano.

  2. hallo hallo!
    :) I'm happy, that one of my songs worked aready

    in phokara you will find a lot more hippies- would be fun haha
    and maybe the lake is better for swimming now... if its not too cold?
    what route are you taking?
    greet the yaks if you see some :)
    and if you get the chance and you are tired.. try a horse ride... I think that would be also a good way traveling like the nepali do :)
    kisses from the most boring lesson of the week

  3. Hallo David, mach's gut in den Bergen. Wir werden ja auch zu Fuß unterwegs sein, in Madeira.. Da machen wir zur selben Zeit etwas Ähnliches! Bussi, Mama

  4. hey people, many thanks for the comments! :)
    No, didn't record that stuff (yet) asd I travel whithout my camera when drinking beer and singing mongolian style... trying to get to some hippiesque mountain festival though, in Dehli, and then, Oh boy, there will be Overtone Singing for The Masses!

    I'll be going over the hills.. and the hills are alive... with the sound of.. yah, you get it.. I think I'll sdkip the horsies and spare my rump the pain, thank you. :) A sore back can be massaged, but a sore butt?
    Yes I know, but I'm not keen on that sort of massage... Except from you, that is. :)
    Viel spass auch beim hiken! Mal schaun, was von meiner Faulheit dann so ueberbleibt..

    cheers to all,
    el d. is quite away for the next 20 days.