Return from the Non-Blogosphere

I'm back. Haven't been anywhere in particular, but I managed to collect humongous ammounts of video in the last few weeks and have since been fighting with my urge to let it be and just enjoy life. But my good old spartan won, thanks to some motivational techiques I will leave undescribed as of yet.

Here's the first vid of a whole new series, something completely different and yet same same. Hopefully, you will enjoy these more mundane productions in the same way you did the first chaotic pieces..

Have fun,
the d.


  1. no sound from ~4:40 till the end!!!!

  2. true! very lame, that. Blame the hardware. And the conversion. And the lemon tree. Of course, also, copy & paste.

    Working on the bugfix as we speak. pardon again, dear crowd (beziehungsweise Tom. :D )