24 hour comic day. Against the right. Introducing "Vox Populi"!

There are lots of things you can do in 24 hours. Eat, sleep, have fun, smoke -
or draw comics. In this peculiar case, the idea was to produce a comic criticising right-wing extremists.

I responded by creating a crazy mix of Tartakovski with Frank Miller, throwing in a bit of Punisher, Lobo, Deadpool and Samurai Jack. Oh yeah, and King Mob`s gas mask. (Or was it Casey Jones?)
At least that was the idea. The comic is only 14 pages long, but you can read the whole story right here, after the break.

At least the first ten. ;) Sneak preview.

"So, a nigger and his jap whore. Did you have a good time with Mr.
Monkey Dick here?"

"Dude, fuck you. You`re just jealous, man. By the way, what`s with the
dumb stick?"

"Oh, I´ll show you what`s with the stick."

"Boys! We got ourselves a few playmates here. Why won`t you come out
and say hello?"

4 panels, of two guys each, brandishing different weapons and clothing
styles. One classic skin, another neofascist,
a ku klux klan member, a guy in a business suit, a guy in traditional
"Burschenschaft"-Garb, another in a leather jacket
and biker outfit. Finally, a uniformed Nazi and his blonde, slender
secretary and bodyguard. 

The uniformed guy speaks:
"Well well well. If we haven`t got ourselves a double case of treason
against the human race here."
The black man protects his partner with his arms, while looking on his
assailants defiantly.
"You just made a lot of noise back there. Do you know my old
Grandmother can`t sleep properly at night?" (walking back and forth in
front of them)
"She`s 93 now. When she was a young girl, the fuhrer himself gave her
the cross of excellent motherhood."
"And now you fucking nigger have the balls to fuck your little
slit-eyed slut right in front of her window?"
(closeup of his face and spit as it rubs against the black mans face)
"I think you woke her up, ape-man. You woke her up, and that makes me
very angry."
(pulls a baton-warhammer in the shape of a nazi cross)
"You won`t like me when I get angry. You won`t like me at all."
(black man steps in front of his girl)
"Leave her alone. If you want to fight, I`ll fight you, man to man.
Send your own monkeys home to their mothers, so they can
sing them to sleep. If you have a problem here tonight, you`ll sure as
hell find it`s not a small one." 

(closeup of the nazi fuhrer grinning).
(His left hand, unarmed, rises in a mock hitler salute)
"Oh, there is a problem all right."
(closeup of deep-set nazi eyes, glaring out from the dark)
(closeup of goggles and a gas mask half-hidden by the shadows)
(Nazi general swings his baton) - "But I´m afraid It`ll be..."
"Yours!" (closeup of the hakenkreuz hitting the stomach of the black man)
(closeup of the black man spitting blood) 

(rapid closeups in sequence)
Face of man being hit by batons,
(tries to evade, hit back)
(staggers, throws another punch)
knees to the groin
(goes down, clutching his cojones)
(jaw cracks, spits blood)
and finally, feet.
(low thunk, blood on the pavement)
Lies on the ground, gasping, in a pool of own blood. 

General looks up, glint in eye. (halbtotale)
Girl holds her face with both hands.
"Now, there there, my dear, we`ll be make sure you`ll never be alone again."
Stupid skin with baton bawls in. - "Yeah, we`ll fuck you fucking
pregnant, bitch!"
Ku Klux guy "You´ll be honoured by the sperm of the master race. Never
forget that!"
Business suit guy "And if you suck my balls real good, then I`ll only
hit you a little"
Burschenschaft guy "Yeah, but first you will take my german spear in
your tiny little yellow ass."
The blonde secretary brandishes a fierce-looking metal whip. -
"Careful, don`t spoil her."
(closeup lips) - "I want to play with her for a long time..."
Biker guy creeps up from behind and grabs ass. - "Hey, this plum here
is ripe for plucking"
Girl shrieks "No! Stop, you fuckers!" No!"
She reaches for a can of mace from her pocket, but
a swipe of a stick knocks it out of her grasp
"So you want to play rough, do you? We can all play that game as well.
Now just cooperate,
and you`ll enjoy it more than that half-man you just cavorted with.
And perhaps we`ll even let you live." 

"The lady doesn`t like you. You better bug off, or I´ll pound your
nazi shrimp dicks into a bloody, sticky pulp."
"You´re gonna get whupped so bad you`re gonna beg me for more."
Closeup of goggles again.
Closeup of gas mask.
Closeup of Katana handle on back.
Out of the Shadows behind a trash can, the hero strides. Dressed
half-japanese, half-punk,
with a crazy assortment of knives, guns, explosive devices and
electronic equipment.

"You picked the wrong town to be stupid in, eggheads."

The fascists look at each other, bewildered.
One of them gets out a knife,
another starts brandishing a club,
yet another finds a beer bottle. 

Skin: "Fuck, that guy is packing."
Nazi General: "Nah, it`s just toys. Kill the motherfucking hippie with
a deathwish, then let`s take care
of that little sushi cunt over there. Go, boys, go!"

The brutes scream and start charging towards
the lone guy, who leans against a wall, seemingly unfazed.

The first assailant is dispatched with a downwards strike of the katana
that changes to a horizontal
to the middle of the body
and hits the fascist straight in the stomach.
Nazi guts spill out as the guy
brandishing a stick doubles over,
clutching his entrails and spitting blood.

"Don`t eat shit all the time - gives you indigestion." 

A quick turn,
a fast blow on knee-level,
and the second attacker is on the ground, both legs amputated,
bleeding rapidly.

The other three guys start to hesitate as the get sputtered by the
blood of their "Kamerad",
who is rapidly executed with a blow to the neck.
"Who`s next?" The Katana guy asks, grins, and lights a cigarrete with
a lighter built into the handle of his katana.

The three look at each other, think about running,
but the leader guy pulls a large machete from his jacket.
The other two get automatic knives from their boots.

"Okay, Hippie, you`re going to wish that your bastard jewish whore of
a mother never squeezed you out of her ass."
(closeup of NG with Cigar in mouth)
"You`re going to die slowly, for blood and honour, in Thors name!"
(mouth half-open, spittle showing between the teeth). 

"We`ll see about that, you limp-dicked chickenfucker."
(sheathes Katana)
"Let the righteous flame of the people`s voice quench your pain!"
(neck thrown back, fists in the air.)
"Really, it must hurt being as thick as you. I guess you even wipe
your ass with the hand you eat with."
(draws the two Kukhris) closeup left, right
"Dude, you`re history and staying there."
(throws pose and stance)

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