birthday bash: soviets, smoke and screams

Yes, tovarishi, this evening I was once again in action. The variety this time: Crazed russian musician that tries to improvise free jazz on a fucking chainsaw.

My arms hurt from all the impressive antics I performed with the fucking heavy piece of equipment, I missed most of my own possible birthday party because of the session, but still it was worth it.

On the one hand, there's nothing I enjoy more than acting. Except, perhaps, acting as a crazy soviet chainsaw maestro.

The whole deal is a promo for plemplem that I expect to go up sometime today, so stay tuned for a link. It was quite fun - my colleagues, however, were not quite as loquacious as yours truly. As some of you might imagine, I stole most scenes that the director hadn't yet given me, as I was the only one with performance blood on site.

It was fucking hard to get them to respond to anything I did, unfortunately. Some of them just sat around most of the time, doing nothing. When asked to say something, they'd answer: What should I say?

So okay. What you do in these situations is to make up some impro-theater rules on the go so everybody can play and it's simple. We broke it down to simply saying "I want to play" in case nothing else occurred to us. But unfortunately, the crew couldn't even handle that.

So the spot will mostly be me, shouting, screaming, laughing, throwing tantrums, monologues and fucking duke nukem gasoline-powered chainsaws around. Fun for the whole family!

After that I (my mobile) was all out of battery, and I tried to meet someone, but failed (unfortunately) and succeeded simultaneously (quite a nice coincidence, really). In fact I had a very interesting discussion with two different groups of people that even might lead to something beneficial for all parties. And I'm always one for that, you know.

So now it's 04:10, I'm still writing, and I'll continue to do so until approximately 07:15 in the morning. I need to translate, write poetry and prose, concepts for videos and concepts for moderations, scripts, books, novels - An author's work is never done. Yay!

(now oficially an old wanker)

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