Exzess Total: Free Parades, Free People, Free World.

Okay, people, I'm sorry I'm late. Normally, I like to update this stuff right after the party, in the morning as the sun rises, with a good hot coffee and some breakfast. But this time, it didn't stop there.

Let's start at the beginning, shall we? The anarchist mob that was the Free Parade (really very harmless techno-kiddies mostly, no Black Bloc in sight) can always be counted on leaving at least an hour late - this time, it was 1,5 hours. So that explains why we're still waiting for that revolution of theirs.

I hoisted the black banner of the Pastafari, and strode forth into the fray, aiming to convert a few unbelievers to the one and only true way of INM (It's Noodly Magnificence). And yes, the people cheered and danced and smoked and drank and danced some more. Sometimes even a few people noticed the flag I was waving around with one arm like a crazed rural orchestra conductor.

And yes, I also produced a new episode of dave's away. Now it's time for part II, people: Dave does Europe. :D A few hints: There will be half-naked people dancing their butts off, more scarcely clad people, butts, music, dancing, more butts, and of course yours truly.

I was accompanied by my trusty cameraperson, Tom. Unfortunately he was about an hour late - didn't matter, he made up for it by leaving 10 hours early.

The free parade was great - I even forgot to meet an old friend of mine. When I did realize I was too late, I went into the wrong direction and tried to find him for about an hour or so. We decided to meet some other time, a brief and fiery intermezzo at the Karlsplatz, and then off to the fluc it was!

All the people there are really great people. That's something you realize right away. There simply are no stuck-up assholes in the fluc, and if there are, the trusty security staff (most of whom are really quite okay people-wise and not the hormone-driven gorillas you see at the usual suspects'). And the Dubstep was fucking great.

The fluc was pumping, the people were jumping, and the sweat was flowing like water in spring. The first row was occupied by three young heroes that stood there, glistening like pearls, wet as a drenched poodle, and danced like there was no tomorrow, yesterday didn't matter and today would be over soon.

There was one girl that struck my eye - she was wearing a fur coat! Really! But I think it's a wonderful statement to all those wannabe do-gooder anarchovegans out there - Fuck you! We eat meat, we kill animals, we wear fur! Why? Because we're fucking omnivorous monkeys that tend to expand our territory and use resources, that's why. And we'll continue to do it until they all get stuck in a Zoo, a farm or on a mantelpiece.

Great discussions about Nietzsche, the world, the people, the music - lots of stuff. Even got a few interviews. ;)

As I gleefully ingested a morning pizza with a great group of people (Ecuador, Chile, Austria) the sun was already shining - and as I went home, with the firmly set idea to start writing and editing, I met another three people on the way to the subway.

We decided to go to my place and have some wine for breakfast. Las Pitras - delivered as promised. The Chilean red gave the discussion some glow, and we unraveled all the mysteries of god, philosophy and higher mathematics. Well, a few, at least.

Now it's monday, I have a lot of stuff to do, and the video might not be finished until the end of the week. So be patient, ye faithful! There shall be sound, and images, and they shall be arranged in such a way as to make viewing pleasurable for the whole family.

Cheers! - d -

(Most-used word in the last 96 hours)

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