dave`s derivative dump - women, woes and despair.

Let's begin with the despair, shall we? I just spent half a night and a wonderful afternoon layouting a 30-page wedding journal for a good friend of mine. But just a while ago (I had to get through a bit of a cursing streak first) fucking freehand MX busted on me while exporting. And me with no fucking save file for the last three hours.

In short, this is what despair looks like: When you realise that once more, like Sisyphos, you must return to the climbing of the mountain, shoving a huge rock before you. Life is like that sometimes.

Nobody said it was easy, but we're here and so we better fucking make something out of it. So, it's back to work for me, after venting my stress by screaming at the virtual void. Seriously, readers, how about some comments? I feel a bit unread, even if the statistics say otherwise (thanks for the 300 % increase in the last month.. )

To the woes: We all have them, the little pet peeves that make your day a bit worse. For me, that's a certain religion I won't name any closer because of legal concerns, but I might mention that they allegedly have something to do with the following story. Down with Xenu, that's their (allegedly alleged allegational) agenda. His thetan is surely lurking around there somewhere. Perhaps it's even mine?

So, apart from that fucking bullshit, there's the women, and for me, they currently combine woes and despair. But I'll not go into too much detail on that - I earned a lot of it myself, so I can take that like a man.

And to that one special someone, waiting out there, or perhaps not waiting at all - I'd sure love to write to you, for you and about you. Get in touch.

And now I'll get back to work, because as a Milanese friend of mine said: "If you work good, then everything will resolve itself." rAmen.

cheers, love, blessings,
the d.