the cult of "refresh" - frantical clicking for the win-gods

When going to a Nepali internet cafe, frantical clicking ensues. And it's not the porn sites that go into hiding, or even online crack (such as kongregate.com, for example. The net
is simply to slow for that here). No, it's a ritual rarely seen in our western hemisphere:

The cult of Refresh.

The mac users out there might not remember it, and the vista users probably as well, but there's a feature in Win XP that allows you to integrate websites into your desktop. So there's a small item in the menu that says "refresh".

You have to see it to believe it. Nepali "hardware computer teachers", as close to trained professionals as you can get here, are right-clicking and left-clicking at speeds too fast for the untrained eye. And now for the wtf!?! of this>

They actually believe this will make their computer go faster. It says "refresh", right? So the computer will be fresher, and will go more quickly.


rotfl, dave out - happy tibetan new year 2066 everyone!

by the way: wosIsig's "Atheist" is now available with english subtitles!

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