Madness. Fiction, Reality and Bullshit.

Well, I got bored after some time at the festival, so I decided to write some fiction. 

Currently to be viewed at The Dave Continuum  (Click at your own risk). 
If I feel like it, a second mini-chapter/aggro.stream might just materialise.

The reality there was, for many of the participants, blurry at best. Look out for that vid, coming up in 2 weeks or so... Will be fun. But first, I´ll finish episode 2 of davesaway, of course.

Other news: Diarrhea thwarted, Back´s still hurting from sleeping in a tent. 

These festivals do give you a whole new outlook on life. Like, how beautiful it all sounds when a 50 kw soundsystem is NOT massaging your eardrums for a while? And how nice to know that you were in one of the buses with newer tires? (On two others of the party caravan, the good rubbers noisily evaporated after a steep downhill drive. Those drivers sure know when to plan a rest stop.)

And yes. Thamel doesn´t feel touristy anymore. The organizers had the whole crowd of consumer hippies herded to the feeding station, three times a day. Only. Three. Times. A. Day. 
Yes, fixed feeding times. 
(I just decided to cope with it by not eating there.)

The happily participating minority of (mostly male) Nepalis had a good time between admiring the glorious european feminine fashion ideal of wearing next to nothing while bouncing up and down, and selling bullshit as hash to the stoners. 

Yes, actual, dried, bullshit. I think that´s where the expression evolved from. 

enough BS for a comeback, 
d out.

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