Location Update: Ghorka




Ah, yes, Ghorka. The ancient seat, palace, temple etc... of the dynasty that ruled Nepal until just a year ago. Just got here, and was again convinced of the fact that Hindu temples are really boring. All the statues are hardly recognizable because the devout smear them full with red paste. Apparently, the gods like that.

Other than that: Found some rests of an ancient martial art in local dance traditions. Will check that out in Phokara, tomorrow. The Brits (especially their Ghorka regiment) are about as helpful as a brick wall. Quite polite. but not budging one inch.

From the lush green palace gardens, you have a wonderful view over the local dusty favela architecture. Especially from the helipads. You have to give that to the Maoists: at least they got rid of that King.

el d.


  1. comment on last sentence:
    right, and I am really pessimistic, that that is all that they made the right way... but maybe you can tell more about it in a few weeks.
    so, how many kukuris have you bought yet?
    maybe you can send one for me too ;)
    and you can look foward on real coffee in phokara.. and more hippies of course *g*
    wish you lot of fun there
    and wherever you will go then :)

  2. Very interesting and entertaining as well. We wish you all the best! Mum and Dad from Madeira

  3. thanks for the comments! :)

    By the way, the Kukhuri dance: Just some Nepali guys improvising. Yes, improvising. No tradition there, actually.
    (so much for that story, now to plan b.)