Production Delays - yet again

Ahrgh, part two of the video was supposed to be nearing completion about now. But I´m missing my own deadline because, apparently, a few Amobea have found my belly to be nice living quarters. 

So, at the time, I´m a bit down and out and not all that productive. The Antibiotics will prevail, however, and I´ll be up and running in at least two to three days. (Not 23 days, hopefully).

Hasta la victoria - ¡Siempre! you bloody white bloodcells. 
Get on with the fight and kill! Eat! Absorb!

dave down 
*and out.


  1. OHH Shit, doesn´t sound very comfortable.
    Bear up baby, fight and try to survive .

    abrazo rudolfo

  2. the thaelmann sez:
    Kreativität ist nicht kontinuierlich, sondern entweder verstopft oder durchfall.