EPISODE ONE - Kathmandu Kaos.

Here it is, the first audiovisual product. Have fun. 

All footage from Kathmandu. 
All rights reserved, purchased, copied and cleared. Especially the one´s I invented.

My personal bullshit is not to be taken seriously (except at your own risk).
By the way, the 50 megs of this thing took 4 hours to upload. 

aaaaand I´m out, 
read ya, 
el d.


  1. Yea! super video..
    genauere kritik folgt noch!
    aber erster eindruck! BEGEISTERUNG!
    vor allem respect! DA hast wirklich tolle bilder zamkriegt.. und das is nur ein kleiner teil wahrsch.
    erinnert mich jedenfalls wärmstens an die zeit dort...
    also sehr gut gemacht

  2. nice video mate! You captured things well!!!

    Next, I think a special on Britney and Avril t-shirts!

  3. Thanks for the comments! :) Britney-Avril-Leonardo-T-Shirt-Special in the works. :D