Kathmandu Blues - generator, sweet generator.

I spent about 8 hours today just walking through the crazy, smoky streets of Khatmandu. Getting the flight to Dehli changed was easy (and cheap). Even finding the nepal immigration office (in order to get my visa extended) cost me two hours and lots of sweat. Tomorrow will be a day of fun cueing at the Indian embassy. 

Argh. If you haven´t got a reason to be for the abolishment of all nations, after a normal embassy crawl you´ve got lots. 

But yes, now I´m back in Thamel, and here, the world revolves around the tourist must-haves, like 24-hour internet access, food and gift shopping. The warm hum of Kerosene-powered bliss envolves your humbly writing geek. 

I hopefully will be able to work in peace for the next few days (besides the embassy stuff) and will provide the first episode of "Dave´s Away" at the end of this week.

so, read ya, loving the comments,
el d.

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